An Illegal Minsterly

Finally I found that all the wish belongs to Allah is the way to make a deep heart becomes peaceful more and more. You don’t need to go so far. You just need to stop a while for assuming about the day and the day before. Even you find that Allah always stays and closes to us since long time. At the deepest heart you really necessary trust to Him , All His Miracles. However you make dialogue and some conversation with your self by His permission. It’s really very good seat when we sit for listening to nature. We heard what they said. Additional moment when there are children who play and laugh around you. By having positive thinking to Almighty and trying to give the best in our circle are very cheerful moment. Trust trust trust trust and trust !!. It will be there, it will be there !. Here Allah has dared us to make a new goodness in everyday. Muhammad wants to see the ummat for making he smiles beautifully. So, are you ready ? 🙂


Woman said

lavender field

In the middle of million lavenders
The wind is blowing to someone
She is opening her eyes, ears, and heart
Even she takes her breath

Liberty as known for better life
Sometimes it can’t be applied fully

Seems a deviation applause
Should they be at the same ?

An early lecture… At least we’ve got laugh !

A lot of pupils will say big hooray on their new days. It belongs to university students who want to have lecture, take new experiences and meet new buddies. It is very commonly believed that there is no doubt for growing up better more and more. First semester when I and my friends entered the classroom we started our new courses. In order to ease in management and have better more society our class divided become two classes; big class and small class. Big class for general course such as Indonesian, religion, civic education, and educational profession and for small class had specific course which named Intensive Course (IC). It was the biggest and thickest subject in our major with 12 sks (semester credit system). Our period had different regulation from the university. We must take 3 times of Sapamaba (students orientation); academic, non-academic and ESQ 165 leadership training orientation.

-After joining ESQ 165 Leadership Training we posed in 2010-

Frankly I didn’t want to join in academic orientation. I though it was really boring, so sweat and not effective. That was why I didn’t join from the first day. I looked for a reason what the best was. I remembered there had been an announcement that there would be some competition for non-academic orientation for 2 days later thus, I registered one self in badminton competition. Hopefully there would be an exception time for preparation in this competition because they just had only one day for selection. How lucky I was, after registration the committee called students who joined some competition in 2 days later. We did practice together. Hooray I could leave academic orientation with pleasure ! :D. However registering in badminton competition was my an effort to affirm that I wanted to be better than in my previous high school. Simply I wanted to be and have more meaningful journey on my new days later. Just felt when I was in senior high school insipidly. Alhamdulillah it took FKIP (Teacher Training and Education Faculty) to get runner up of badminton competition :D. Thank to all my friends, mas benny, mas danny, mas penceng, and mas faisol 😀

Another memorable moment was when we conducted our final project called IC-project. All of students in English Education Department must present a role play in English. It was really interesting for me seemed like playing theater. I and my group got the topic about restaurant. Thus, we created a story about urban life style. After joining some mid-test and final test in this semester suddenly a new wind blew on the day. Wusss…wusss…wuss And then… the strange thing was… from 267 students just only 3 students who got A in IC subject. The others AB, B, BC, and C 😀

– After Performance in IC-Project on november 2010 –

One Saturday morning in November 2010 before at 11am I was invited by Erni and Om Risye (by-name of Rismiyanto) to play badminton in m***** footsal. Ehem… because of one our classmates worked there sometimes we got different price. But through early lecture stayed cool when we spent our holiday in beach together.

165548_1414050011750_1049615_n– Kartini Beach in January 2011 –

Time to time passed away. The next year was in. When there’re some assignments we often did in a group. With the daily meeting perhaps we got easy to be closer and had amicable personality each other.

68258_186775734669915_4670140_n– IC-H woman were captured in 2010 (Mbak Nita, Ria Mie, and Kikik) –

Before we vended second semester in February 2011 a little accident came. When I, Khomsah, and Dhika would visit Lia’s dormitory in Kudus Midwife Academy suddenly we devoted on Matahari street. They turned right first and I still on the back. I lost my control and “braakk …!!” My body was bounced on the center road and my motorcycle went to the right side. I was afraid of it. I got a fear when I wouldn’t be able to walk normally. It must be brought to therapist for getting intensive recovery twice a week. Thanked to Allah entered the new semester my left foot walked well again.

Around on June 2011 the last second semester was closed by tasyakuran in Erni’s house located in Jepara. This tasyakuran was held for commemorating of death Erni’s father over a 5-year. Then we visited Kartini beach. We spent an afternoon and enjoyed a sun set in the corner of this beach. Getting take a rest, travel new place in elsewhere around Kudus-Jepara, and have a lunch together were levelable moment of ours. Stay in campus, our favorite place was in the stone park in front of mosque or the park under the big three trees (in front of student cafeteria). On Sundays I lonely or sometimes with Khomsah visited library and spent a day there. However we really enjoyed those days. Grateful, Thanks for the experience, alhamdulillah… 😀
Chaque histoire est moment unique !

-On the 2nd stair of Darul Ilmi mosque in 2010-

-One of our liveable ‘nongkrong’ seats in 2010-

*Perhaps it just a view of path in bachelor year. However bigger and much more stories have been available in every person there 😀